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    I am currently using CS5 Master Collection. When I purchase the product, I have 2 installations (I use one on my desktop and one on my laptop). Do I still get at least 2 installations with Creative Cloud so my workflow can continue?


    Basically, how many installations so I get with one subscription?



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    You can activate Cloud apps on a maximum of two computers.


    The big difference with the Cloud is that it's not platform specific: i.e. you can install on Win/Win, Mac/Mac or Win/Mac.



    Are there any unique benefits that come with my paid membership?


    Yes, as a member of Creative Cloud, you get many benefits that you do not get when you purchase a traditional shrinkwrapped product:

    • Access to both the Mac OS and Windows® versions of the desktop applications and the ability to install them on your primary computer and one backup computer. So, if you have a Mac at home and a PC at work, you can install your applications on both as long as they are not running at the same time. See the product license agreements page for more information.



    Perpetual licenses are platform specific: Win/Win or Mac/Mac only. Win/Mac is not possible.

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    Creative Cloud apps and basic explanations (in somewhat opaque marketing language) here


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  • 12/29/12--18:58: Confused about pricing
  • To upgrade from CS3 to iCloud is the discount price $29.99 or $49.99 per month?

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  • 12/29/12--19:53: Re: Confused about pricing
  • Normal price is $49.99 per month (12 month contract).


    Discount price for CS3, CS4 and CS5/CS5.5 owners is $29.99 per month (12 month contract).


    Discount price lasts for first 12 months only. After that it's normal price.

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    When I attempt to save, Photoshop Elements says "Could not complete your request because of a program error."  What went wrong?  What must I do to fix it?  Thanks!

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    I've been going around and around trying to upgrade to a Full Creative Cloud Membership. I'm a Creative Suite user, as well as a Muse subscriber, and I want to take advantage of the 40% off one-year contract. I follow the prompts to purchase the membership, and I reach the page that asks me to sign in to see whether I qualify. I sign in and I'm congratulated for qualifying. The instructions say, "Use the button below to purchase your Full Creative Cloud Membership at the special price," followed by a blue button that says, "Buy it now." I click the blue button, but instead of any kind of purchasing page, I'm taken to my Creative Cloud Files page.

    Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 1.36.00 AM.pngI appreciate how I can download or access all the Adobe apps and services, but I have yet to reach any page to purchase the membership. Is there a red button I don't know about? Is there another way to do this? Or have I achieved my new membership without any show of proof?

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    The last time I used Premiere Pro it worked flawlessly. But all of a sudden when I launch either Premiere Pro or Media Encoder I get an Application failed to start error.


    I reverted my machine to what it was the last time I used Premiere but still it crashes.


    If I should reinstall Premiere, how do I proceed? It's not like I can do it through the Application Manager. A
    ll I get there is "up to date", I don't get the install link anymore.


    Any Ideas?


    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Intel I7 950

    12G Ram

    Asus GTX 460


    Not wanting to wait I found out how to uninstal cloud apps. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere Pro family. but still it will not launch.

    Application failed to start correctly (0xc000007b)

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    every time i try open photoshop, i am able to work for around 1 minute and then photoshop decides to 'close unexpectedly', it then gives me the option to re-open photoshop which i do and the same problem occurs. Ive done this dozens of times and its the same everytime.


    how do i get this problem to stop so i am actually able to use photoshop?

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    Which version of Photoshop?


    Which operating system?

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    I went back to the "Switch to the cloud" page this morning and tried upgrading again. I signed in and pressed the blue "Buy it now" button. This time, I got the expected payment page for upgrade.


    I was excited to reach this page and upgraded my membership. But to be led around in circles last night just wasn't right. Would it have killed someone to put up some kind of "closed for repairs" or "closed during overnight hours" or some kind of indicator that membership upgrade would not be available? Though I'm pleased with the outcome, I'm sure that runaround will happen to someone else. It should be fixed or mitigated so there won't be any more victims.

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    photoshop cs6 and its on an apple mac if thats what you mean

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    Well, I seem to be the only one to have this problem so far.


    Like I said earlier, I tried to reinstal Premiere by first not forgetting to deactivate any application to reinitialize the adobe key, just in case. Then I uninstalled the Premiere Pro Family through the Windows control panel. Rebooted and reinstalled it through the Adobe Application Manager. But still, it didn't work. So I had to resort to a complete system restore. Luckily I had a recent backup.


    I have Premiere working now! I guess we'll wait till it happens again to figure this one out.


    The only thing I can see that caused the problem in the first place is that a file must have gotten corrupted at some point.


    But why only Premiere?

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    Yes, you can join Creative Cloud and download and use all of the programs even if you have never bought anything from Adobe before. As long as you pay your subscription, you can use the program. Hope this helps!



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    I want to start a blog about learning to use the Adobe CS6, maybe about using Adobe Cloud, also.  Going back to college at a very mature age gave me a unique struggle in advancing a new career,  and a view of learning software.  It is becoming more challenging for mature people to be accepted as peers as they enter into new fields.  It would be fun to put out my highs and lows, learning different things.  Also, it would give me practice in writing.  I wonder if there would be any infringements involved, considering it would be about the different Adobe products.


    Something to think about:  if someone wanted to give me some money for placing advertising on the blog, I would want to do it.  I know this would be like winning the lottery, chance wise, but I would like to know if that would be OK, also.

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  • 12/30/12--14:59: Creative Cloud frustration
  • Today it finally started hitting on me too - the instability and the constant Trial mode of Creative Cloud.


    After 17th time that Photoshop had crashed, failed to start, or disappeared into oblivion after it finished loading, i had enough. After reading the forums for a while, I decided to give whole CC a cleanup.I uninstalled every program i had installed with Creative Cloud. Ran the "Creative Suite Cleaner Tool". I followed the onscreen instructions, as well as the Cleaner's pdf instructions,and did everything by the book.

    Singed up into the Creative Clound - Re-downloaded the App launcher and re-installed all the programs.


    The problem seemed to vanish... oh man - i was way too optimistic.

    Everything worked fine until the UPDATES came. App launcher told me that i had 10 updates, and since everything seemed to be ok, i optimistically hit the UPDATE ALL - button.

    Updates went okay, but...


    Next time i launched Photoshop - TRIAL MODE - You have 17 Days left! Okay...sigh... Hit the "License this software now"... Photoshop launched ok!

    I painted a bit (about 15 minutes or so), and closed it. Re-opened it - TRIAL MODE - 13 Days left! *hmh - maybe i'm stuck in this odd space-time-continuum...*

    Close the photoshop - Re-open - TRIAL MODE - 7 Days left! *Now i'm getting both scared and frustrated - there has to be a way to get out of this vortex...*


    Now, having done all that in about 30 minutes i got fed up!


    Is there really a solution to all this?!! I've been using Creative Cloud now about 3 months, and in the beginning it was fantastic. But after these latest updates - nothing works anymore!

    It looks like updates between the App launcher and Photoshop 13.1.1 and Illustrator 16.2 everything went wrong.

    Oh - i might add also, that now when i launch Illustrator - the loader screen says TRYOUT


    Anybody suffering from the same frustration - any fixes that there are still left for me to find out?!?!

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    AFAIK, you can blog about anything you wish providing you don't violate Google's / Blogger's Terms of Service Agreement. 


    I frequently post tutorials on my site & blog for web developers & Dreamweaver users.  If you Google the subject, you'll find a whole bunch of other sites devoted to other Adobe products such as  Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Lightroom, etc...


    Go for it!!


    Nancy O.

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    The free trial is good for 30 days.  Beyond that, you must pay for your Creative Cloud subscription via monthly credit card billing. 


    Nancy O.

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    Saying you have a Mac is a bit like saying you drive a Ford. 

    Can you be more specific?


    Same thing with CS6 on the Cloud. There are several versions.  Go to Help > About Photoshop to find your product version.  For example, I have Photoshop Extended, 13.0.1 x32 and no problems.


    Did this problem with Photoshop just start happening to you or has it always been this way?


    Do you have problems with other CS6 products?



    Nancy O.

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    Thank you John.

    There is one more question:

    I have a perpectual/traditional license for Master Collection 5. If I subscribe to Creative Cloud, then do not renew it later, will I be able to still continue to use my version 5 that I have originally got? I don't see why not, but I just want to be sure before I go ahead to subscribe to Creative Cloud.


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