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    I signed up for Creative Cloud account and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program on 16th of August.


    At that time, I applied for the free trial Adobe Acrobat Reader for 90 days, but My money has been being transferred since August.


    I don't want to lose my money.


    How can I solve this problem?


    I made a connection between My credit card and My bank account so I could check this situation.


    Please give me some solution as soon as possible.


    Thank you.

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    Elizarova_photo  wrote


    why support in english? I want russian support!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    You can ask in Russian and we can click translate,


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    Пожалуйста, предоставьте нам более подробную информацию.

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  • 12/12/17--16:51: Re: Delete Account
  • Same problem.  I have 2 accounts - an old unused one from this account with the expired free trial, and a new one which has a paid membership.  The new one started as a student membership, but now that it's expired and I 'graduated' to a non-student address I want to use my normal email address.  I can't change my school email address to the normal email because of the old account. 
    Customer support told me I can always start a new plan on my old email account (as if!).
    Meanwhile, it appears that the answer from Adobe is to create a new email address just to change my adobe profile to.  You'd think Adobe had this "technology" thing figured out.


    All I want to do is merge the accounts, or delete one and update the current one.   SEEMS so simple!

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    I want you to return my payment for lightroom, which I have buy yeasterday (29/11/2017), I suppose that I am buying LR and Photoshop for photographers, after understanding mistake I pay for PH+Lr, so I want back my first payment for LR

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    You take my money but you soft does not work!!!!!!! I cant sign in, I cant work, I spend my money. why I must spend my time for waiting support? and why support in english? I want russian support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reader is completely free Reader downloads


    To Cancel

    -or reply #1 in - includes Mon-Fri Chat link

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    Hi, I want to cancel my monthly paid one-year subscription but I can't pay for the remainder 50% of what the costs would be. Can you cancel my subscription it will not let me do it where everything says to go.


    Thank you

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    You completely misunderstand. AE has never had any autosave function for the cloud. Any such features are specific to the programs, not tied to some magic global routine in the CC app. The programmers have to proactively implement the code. In case of video apps it is doubtful how useful this would be, anyway, since you would need to back up external source files, proxies and possibly even (pre-)rendered output files, which could mean terabytes of data. If everyone did it, you would have to pay a lot more just for your CC storage because Adobe would need much more server capacity.



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    I was wondering, wether "all applications" also includes i.e. Adobe Captivate? Is there a list of all the desktop apps included in the Creative Cloud package?

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    Та же картина. Бьюсь неделю в чате поддержки Adobe , без результата. Час объясняешь в чем проблема , остальное время яростное заверение специалиста что проблема с картой и банком . Другого ответа они не знают . Или свято верят в непогрешимость Adobe или не компетентны (Ну или они правы) как вариант .

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    I purchased a one year creative cloud photography plan in adobe's website. after going thru the payment process. I was able to automatically download a copy of Lightroom. however when I checked my account info on the "products & plan" tab. there was no purchased plan indicated, instead theres a message listed to purchase the photography plan. why is it like that? apps indicated in the creative cloud interface are also in trial mode


    and its been pretty difficult searching for ways to contact adobe and clarify this matter.

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  • 12/13/17--03:40: cancel my membership
  • Hello,


    I cant cancel my membership in my adobe ID


    Order number: 11766050205

    Order date: November 29, 2017


    Please help me in my problem. I needed to do this in 14 days yesterday, but

    nobody answer me in help chat.


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  • 12/13/17--04:43: Re: cancel my membership
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  • 12/13/17--05:00: Re: Annuler mon abonnement
  • Je n'arrête pas de recevoir ce genre de message mais je ne fais pas partie d'Adobe. Je ne suis qu'un ancien client qui a eu les mêmes problèmes que vous.












    Message du 12/12/17 21:08

    De : "jérômev32474629"

    A : "Nicolas Brach"

    Copie à :

    Objet :  Annuler mon abonnement








    Annuler mon abonnement

    created by jérômev32474629 in Adobe Creative Cloud - View the full discussion




    J’ai été prélevé du montant de mon abonnement annuel il y a une dizaine de jours.


    Je ne souhaitais plus continuer cet abonnement, donc je l‘ai supprimé, mais j’en n’ai pas encore été remboursé.


    Est-ce que quelqu’un chez Adobe pourrait faire le nécessaire pour régulariser ma situation, et ce avant les 14 jours de réclamation autorisé.


    D’avance merci.


    J. Vilvorder




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  • 12/13/17--05:09: Re: cancel my membership
  • Hello, Axel


    Thank you for this links, but my cancel plan is not displayed.


    Please help to cancel my subscription. I tried to cancel this in 14 days.





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    Captivate is not part of CC. For everything else refer to the info pages:




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  • 12/13/17--05:53: Running out of storage
  • I recently went to a laptop from two desktops, one on each side of the country.  I'm wanting to transfer my east coast photo files to the 2TB HD on the laptop, but it will nearly fill it up.  Would it be wise to get a 4 or 5 TB external HD and just keep my photo files there.


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  • 12/13/17--06:41: Re: cancel my membership
  • This here is a user-to-user forum and I'm only a normal users as you.


    For your issue you have to contact the Adobe support.

    Contact Customer Care

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  • 12/13/17--07:03: Re: cancel my membership
  • Axel, thank you, ok!


    Support has not responded for two days..

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  • 12/13/17--07:14: Re: Running out of storage
  • yes.

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    using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',

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    Lol you wouldn't have to back up all your assets for an autosaved project file to be useful.....


    And apparently there is a magical autosave feature tied in with my Audition and CC because it has saved every damned Audition file I have ever made, on my CC account....and I never set this autosave up with the program itself. Apparently an Adobe representative saw some Premiere files of mine as well yesterday, though I did not....


    Also, there is supposed to be a checkbox for saving in CC in the Autosave window for After Effects apparently....myself and Adobe found last night that it is not present in the latest version of After Effects....non-existent.


    Yeah sounds like its all messed up, no consistency and no forethought, just all willy nilly and random, like all my Audition files getting backed up by default but nothing else...and the way they advertise it is fraudulent.


    Oh well, I see Avid and Flame in my future.

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    Thank you for answering John, but, I take your reply to say don't write to Adobe forums about a matter that is Win 10. Your link was simply to the Windows home page.


    However, I had asked specifically about an issue relating to how Adobe treats an uninstall of an Adobe CC program when there are duplicate versions of each program (caused by the Win 10 1709 update). I was asking if I should uninstall the pre-update version or the post update copy. I do not want to lose all the preferences and settings I took time to set up in each.


    I had looked in Win/Program Files, but Adobe CC programs do not store their files in the way other programs do. It is not easy to see what files are installed, whether there are actually 2 versions of each loaded, or if the pre-update one is a ghost residual left over. The START program menu list is only a set of links, are both the pre-update one and the post update one are each simply links to the same file structure.


    Of course I did also post question about this and other probs after the update to Msoft forums. After 5 days there had been no response, so, I went to this Adobe forum in hope of some guidance.


    Again hoping for some advice, regards Jonathan

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    Hi Андрей6442,


    As I understand, there is an issue with billing, request you to kindly Contact Customer Care for help and support.

    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.






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    Hi Klingspor,


    In addition to details shared above, you may also see:Adobe creative desktop apps | Adobe Creative Cloud.


    Hope this helps!

    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.





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    non riesco a modificare il mio piano fotografo nel piano completo studente.

    perche mi dice di annullare prima il mio piano ma poi mi fa pagare l'annullamento.


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    This is an open forum, not Adobe support... click below to contact Adobe staff to help

    While the forums are open 24/7 you may not contact Adobe support at all times

    Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

    Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

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    Hi Jdgabriel_afid,


    I see you have an Adobe account under the same ID as with forums. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any subscription under this ID. Did you receive an order confirmation email from Adobe? Please make sure you are signed in with correct Adobe ID.

    Feel free to contact support (Link shared above) for help. Kindly update the thread for more questions.





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    I moved form South America to USA and I wanted to use one of the Stock photos that it came free with my Photography plan that I haven't used. 1st Red flag saying I can't because it's not available in my country. Oh well silly me I'll just change my location. NOPE, still nothing. What about to change my payment method and country, right?
    Well here is where it gets funny, because you can do that with pretty much anything else out there(music, streaming, etc, etc) because, well...I't's 2017 right?
    NOPE ! the answer they give me is to cancel my subscription, create another ID with another email (which means also creating another email because eveyone need more emails) and purchase everything again. doesn't sound that complicated. But wait...What happens with my CC, Behance, Portfolio and such? well...I'll have to download EVERYTHING and and RE-DO it all over again. That's the answer I was given.



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    I need to change my Adobe password but sends the request to my college logon.  Since I graduated from my college, they have deleted my logon ID and cannot/will not recreate it.


    Adobe support line could not help.  Any suggestions would be beneficial.

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    Create a new account with your new password. Since you are not in college anymore you would need to get a new update to the full version instead of the educational discount.

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    Captivate is available as a stand alone app subscription


    Adobe Captivate - Welcome to the world of smart eLearning authoring


    or part of the Technical Communication Suite -


    Adobe Technical Communication Suite (July 2017 release)

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    Yes I did received an email confirmation for the purchase. For some reason i can't seem to find it in my mailbox now. I will try to check with my bank to get any proof that I was charged for the purchase. Theres no problem with me to buy again, but if I will be charged twice for the purchase, how can I be sure that one will be refunded or cancelled.



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    total ripoff i'm dealing with this auto renewal now too

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    Me and my wife been waiting on chat for hours. It is almost impossible to get out of the subscription. I hope I hadn't given them the credit card info in the first place.

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    I think this is just a lame tactic to charge people and lock them in a subscription plan they clearly don't want. A cancel button would be the only reasonable approach for something as simple.

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    Same boat here, trying out the new adobe xd was the worst mistake me and my wife made. Been waiting on chat for hours.

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  • 12/13/17--21:19: Comlete and utter B.S.
  • You guys sit here and lure people in with this "student and teacher" version of creative cloud, but then ya charged me $109 to cancel when I realized I didn't need it anymore. Ya'll are a bunch of money grubbing ****** who should take a long walk off a short bridge. Can't believe I even considered the idea of using your stupid programs. Won't be making that mistake ever again.



    Burn in hell you crooks.

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    I have escalated to the instal team of Social.




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    I am happy to say that Microsoft has fixed this issue through a critical update a couple of hours ago (as I believe), you might get these updates even if you disable Windows updates or Adobe's crash servers might have started working, so that you can revert the changes that you have made after the problem has occurred if you wish to do.

    I cannot guarantee that this solution might fix most of yours issue so do not panic as It will be fixed automatically in the future.


    If the error message continues to pop-up keep it on your desired settings

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    This had nothing to do with Microsoft.

    I got these error without any updates at all. No OS updates and no Adobe updates of any kind. One night all Adobe apps worked without error. Next morning every Adobe app threw up this error. Computer was shut down from night time to the next morning.


    Since installing the LR 7.1 update and the Bridge and ACR updates 2 days ago that CRWinXXXXXXX.exe file was replaced in both program folders and I don't get that error.


    This had something to do with Adobe and some server on their end.

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    Yup, it was an Adobe server issue.


    Here's the official response from Todd Shaner's post here: opped-working?topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Bfilter_by%5D=all



    Official Response

    "The Crash Reporter Server issue has been fixed (Adobe sever link restored). You can restore the CRWindowsClientService.exe file(s) to their original state to enable crash reporting."




    I can confirm this, as I reversed the renaming of the file and launched Photoshop - no error dialog.

    I have not changed anything else nor applied any Windows updates.



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    Moving to Illustrator

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    I bought CC Photography "privileges" when I purchased my new MacBook Pro at the Apple Store last week.  The product box was still sealed with the factory seal .  When I tried to load it, I received the message that the redemption code was invalid.  I tried contacting Adobe customer service using the chat line to get the issue resolved.  The bottom line is that over the course of a week, and after spending approximately 12 hours on the chat line, the rep told me that Adobe would not do anything about my issue.


    There is not much I can do about this because Adobe is holding the valid redemption codes hostage.  But I will say that this is a very shady way of doing business.  Adobe printed the invalid redemption code in the first place, yet after wasting hours of my time they refuse to honor the commitment of providing a service or product for which I paid.  This is FRAUD.


    As far as my question ... When is Adobe going to give me the software services for which I paid?


    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from CS6 & earlier Creative Suites to Creative Cloud Install... Mod]

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    I'm not sure why a Staff member moved this back to the Illustrator forum. It has nothing to do with Illustrator because all Adobe app were affected.

    So I am moving it back to the Creative Cloud forum.

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    I can be very short about this one.

    I updated last week to the, let's call it, bug-fixing version of 22.0.1.

    Now every time I start Illustrator, I get the below error.


    I tried:

    - Clearing all preferences


    I'm working on:
    - Windows 10, Precision 5520, Quadro M1200





    Message was edited by: Moderator (Discussion successfully moved from Illustrator to Adobe Creative Cloud) Because it affects all Adobe software.


    Message was edited by: Moderator. Once Again this is being move back to a more appropriate forum. (Discussion successfully moved from Illustrator to Adobe Creative Cloud)

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    It is the responsibility of whoever sold/gave you the code to insure that it is a valid code.  If you got it thru the Apple stiore, then the Apple store is where you need to get this resolved.

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  • 12/14/17--05:05: Re: Comlete and utter B.S.
  • Terms and conditions are the answer to your problems...  Learn to read and understand them before you enter any contract.  Most contracts have them and you are bound to them when you accept them.  The terms for early termination of a subscription are clearly explained.