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    If you are aware that you have multiple accounts then you should be able to log into to each of them to see which one holds the subscription.


    If not, contact support - For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat or phone option...

    Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect try using a different browser.


    Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues) e-your-membership

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    Education versions of Adobe software can be used for commercial purposes.


    A good resource for getting information is the student and teacher edition information forum: rmation_?view=discussions


    Licenses and Terms of Use | Adobe

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    Are you sure that applies to both the US and the EU?


    I remember before CC that the EULA was very clear for EU versions that it wasn't to be used commercially, where it could i n the US.

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  • 09/20/17--05:21: Cancelling Subscription-ASAP
  • Hey guys and Adobe people!


    Please help me cancel the subscription that I have since

    1. Adobe's cancellation instructions will take you to a rollercoaster ride! (Loop & useless)

    2. Adobe said that they will notify me before my next subscription month but didn't and because go this

    3. My mom is mad!


    Help please. Thank you.

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    Manage your Creative Cloud membership


    if the above doesn't help, using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'still need help',

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    you're welcome.

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    I hate Creative Cloud licensing, it's been like 3 times this year we have to reinstall the apps because of licensing issue, Adobe never released a quick fix and when you do call them, they escalate the call and you don't know for how long the problem will persist.  I can't understand a company that leave their customer without access to a product that was fully paid for. 


    Now I have 2 kind of problem, the first lab, almost all my mac were displaying the message License refused, we tried different solution(contacted helpdesk, they escalated !!! tried at least 4 different solution none worked) and since we had to get this going (course are given in this labs every day)we went full rampage (clean the adobe installation, reinstall from usb stick on each mac since network install doesn't works) oh and by the way we install the full solution, 21 Go containing all the software... took 25 minutes for each mac and it worked.  Waste of time, but it worked.  Now I have another lab, in this one for no reason, all my macs went in trial mode, now i'm searching a solution, that can be applied without me going through the same process.  We tried to delete the OPM.db file, we tried RemoveVolumeSerial and AdobeSerialization after, we tried login in with our main account, we verified in the console if the mac were in the list of activated devices.   Now i'm trying the forum since Adobe doesn't seem to care about customer that are down.  Pls help !

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    I am using Photoshop cc 2017.1.1.  When using an adjustment layer such as curves, levels, hue & saturation, etc., selecting the targeted adjustment or eyedropper and clicking on the image causes the adjustment properties window to disappear.  I can still use the pointer to make an adjustment but can not see how it is moving the curve or level or whatever.  It does reflect in the image.  I have to click on the adjustment layer icon to reopen the properties.  Is there some way to make them stay open during the adjustments?




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    I figured it out.  I had auto-collapse iconic panels checked.  Found it by right clicking on the panel title bar.

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  • 09/20/17--06:40: Re: Multiple Devices
  • I also have two MacBooks, one for home and the other for travel.


    I assume that the same answer applies, i.e., that I may use Lightroom on both machines. If this is the case please advise in very simple steps how I do this. I am a much better photographer than a computer expert. Many thanks Robert

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    please, help me to unsubscribe Creative Cloud

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    Learn about cancelling your Adobe Creative Cloud plan subscription


    Contact Support - For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat or phone option...

    Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it continues to fail try using a different browser.


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    check your account to verify your subscription is what you expect and to verify your adobe id (used in the next step),


    if your account shows


    a. your subscription is active,

    1.  sign out and then back in to your cc desktop application using the same adobe id above to verify your subscription:

    2.  if that fails,


    if your account shows


    b. you have no subscription and you're paying for one

    1. using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'still need help',

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    I did this, but of all the options there is only a forum

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  • 09/20/17--09:05: email verification
  • hi guys i have this problem with adobe cc for windows. there is a mistake on my email address so i don't succed to verify my email  and to go out from this screen. I have to change my email address of adobe cc but i don't know how i have to do.... please help me


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  • 09/20/17--09:18: CC apps on Chromebooks.
  • HI,


    I have recently purchased a chromebook (Asus chromebook flip) for school, but need Adobe Creative Cloud for one of my classes. I already have a adobe cc account on my home lenovo laptop. I was able to download Adobe Creative Cloud, however can't seem to download Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and Photoshop CC.

    Is it because chromebooks dont have the hard drive to support these apps? This is kind of a problem seeing as I need these apps for school.

    Does anyone know a way to fix this or even about another model that does support these apps, please let me know!


    Thanks so much!

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  • 09/20/17--09:19: Re: CC apps on Chromebooks.
  • Moved from the Forum Comments section (not for technical support) and over to the Creative Cloud Download & Install forum.

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  • 09/20/17--09:20: Re: CC apps on Chromebooks.
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  • 09/20/17--09:42: Re: email verification
  • Hi Pasqualei,


    As I understand you are not being able to change the email ID and you are stuck at the verification loop, please see the link below for help: Wrong Email address to log into Creative Cloud Desktop, How do i switch to my email address?


    Hope this answers your query.



    Feel free to update the thread for any other questions.





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  • 09/20/17--10:52: Re: email verification
  • Sorry but i have windows...

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    Hi Jeff,


    I would suggest you to Contact Customer Care for help and support.







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    Moving this discussion to the Adobe Creative Cloud forum.

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  • 09/20/17--11:08: Re: email verification

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  • 09/20/17--11:15: Re: email verification
  • Wow! Glad you were able to log in.


    Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.





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    Thank you for your response.

    I've purchased CC online, so I paid in advance.

    When I try to change my payment settings, I have to fill in credit-card data, but I don't have one :/..

    It doesn't say Expired (so I guess that's a good thing).

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    I also need Adobe to lift this restriction. I manage our stations post-production suite and I work with hundreds of Gigabytes of material wich is the reason I need to be able to move the Library from the install folder wich is on the C drive.


    It prevents me from using for example the graphics templates from After Effects and would use tons of those except I don't have enough room on the drive. I also cannot use the library to save the many different graphics that I use daily for my work to the library. So, explain to me why I suddenly can't decide where my libraries will be.


    You guys must be careful while deciding to add or remove features from the software because this is not a game for us. We have hundreds of hours invested in creating a workflow that can't be changed overnight because suddenly this is not the way a certain tool works anymore.


    Sorry for the rough tone but put yourself in our shoes for a while.

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  • 09/20/17--12:17: Re: CC apps on Chromebooks.
  • Sorry but a Chromebook is essentially an ultra light machine for running cloud based apps like Google docs & g-mail from your Chrome browser.  It won't cut it for Adobe products which require Windows or Mac desktop operating system + sufficient hard disk space and RAM to install and run your chosen applications.




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  • 09/20/17--12:18: Re: Adobe CEP HTML Engine
  • adobe_CEP_HTML_engine.jpg


    This is slowing down my machine and how do I stop Adobe CEP engine????

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    I have same issue - no CANCEL option appears

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  • 09/20/17--01:41: Where has my account gone?
  • I've been using the illustrator package for the last 4 years. My computer died and I have had to purchase a new one. Everything has been transferred onto the new computer but I log into illustrator, I'm on a 30 day trail for creative suite 6. I have already purchased the programme and don't wish to purchase again. I'm so frustrated trying to find a phone number to contact in Adobe to help me resolve this issue. It is a nightmare! Please help.


    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from Comments forum to specific Program forum... Mod]

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    Download & Install instructions

    -kglad links in reply #1 here may help

    -you will need to enter your original serial number during install for non-Cloud programs

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    You should be able to (re)download from here:



    Remember updating:


    And if needed, you should be able to find the registration key under My Products, using your (then) Adobe ID here:

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    This is stupid. Adobe requiring you to install their app on the hard drive they choose is unethical. You cant expect someone to compromise their OS and overall computer's health because you people feel entitled to an install location.

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    Acrobat DC is indeed NOT free. Acrobat Reader is free but is limited with what you can do with it. Just get PDF995 which does all of the above and is free.

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  • 09/20/17--13:51: Adobe version étudiante
  • Bonjour,


    Depuis le 20 octobre 2016, je suis abonnée à la version étudiante d'adobe à 19€99 par mois.

    Arrivée au bout des un an, est-ce que le prix de cet abonnement va augmenter lors du renouvellement ?


    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses,



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    Thank you,

    Unfortunately, I don't have the original serial number and when I sign into Adobe I have no tab enabling account management.

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    Thank you,


    I don't have a my products, it seems with this new computer, I am a completely new client, the only thing that is the same is my ID log in.

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  • 09/20/17--14:40: Re: Adobe version étudiante
  • using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'still need help',

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    No it doesn't help: as far as I know I don't have an Adobe Creative Cloud Plan; I want to delete my ID from ADOBE full stop.

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    Yes why private: I've been trying for a week to cancel my Adobe ID; chat just say they can't due to "technical issues" or no-one turns up to chat.

    Disgraceful conduct from what I thought was a reputable company.

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    You cannot move software from one computer to another.  You must run the installation routine so the OS can make changes to your new computer's registry files.  You say you have neither the disks or a product serial number?   Did you purchase from Adobe?  Do you have an email confirmation, credit card statement or a receipt for your purchase?


    Failing that, you can download Creative Cloud for a 7-day trial.

    Download and install a Creative Cloud trial

    First install the CC Desktop app.  You will use that to manage your other trial downloads.

    Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

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    andrewm57337063  wrote


    No it doesn't help: as far as I know I don't have an Adobe Creative Cloud Plan; I want to delete my ID from ADOBE full stop.

    Well, that's what membership is.

    So I'm a bit confused by what you're asking.


    See if any of these links help you.

    Manage your Adobe ID account

    Adobe ID


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  • 09/20/17--16:17: Lr4 upgrade to CC
  • Does CC support Lr4?

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  • 09/20/17--16:25: Re: Lr4 upgrade to CC
  • Are you asking if Creative Cloud contains Lightroom 4?  No. 

    Creative Cloud contains the latest versions of Lightroom -- 2015 and 2017.


    Perhaps you're asking something different?

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    Have you found a solution?  because I got  the exact same problem):

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    Excuse me. I don't mean to be rude but my problem was not solved, so why would any answer be marked correct.

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  • 09/20/17--18:24: CS3 Reactivation
  • CS3 came up today with a message requiring reactivation. CS3 activation servers have been discontinued.  As per online instructions, we obtained new CS3 Serial number, de-installed CS3, reinstalled as per instructions.  We still get a message indicated we need to activate, but there does not seem to be a way to activate.  How do we use the new CS3 serial number provided and activate?

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  • 09/20/17--18:51: Re: CS3 Reactivation
  • The information on the CS3 new serial number says that loading the new version will not require activation, but we still get the activation screen and the message that the activation server is no longer available.  How do we install the new version with the new serial number?

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  • 09/20/17--18:56: Re: CS3 Reactivation
  • The note on the newly assigned CS3 serial number says that we will need the new number during the installation.  However, the installation never asked for the new serial number.  Once the install is completed, it asks that we reactivate which is not possible because the CS3 activation server is no longer available. 


    How do we install the new CS3 serial number?