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    if you want to maintain a copy of the older version, copy or duplicate the file and only open one of the copies in ae cc 2018.

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    you need to update your os.  check the link in message 6.

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    your production files including lr catalogs will not be removed or changed.

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    Sure, but that isn't what the convert dialogue states.


    After Effects: this project must be converted from version 14.2 (Macintosh 64). The original file will be unchanged.


    For premiere it functions as normal, a copy is created and that copy is converted.

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    Hi I have a MacBook Pro and iMac and iPad Pro and everything with regards to Lightroom and Photoshop was a mess.... my Photoshop has lost all actions and I had to reset it to my profile and the same with Lightroom Classic..... no presets..... any advice helpful before I go nuts..... I called adobe and was on hold for 45 mins! disgusted - I am a photographer and this has had serious impact on my business..... If anyone can offer advice/ answers/ help it would be greatly appreciated




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  • 10/21/17--10:53: Re: Mise a jour Lightroom
  • check your account to verify your subscription is what you expect and to verify your adobe id,

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    check your account to verify your subscription is what you expect and to verify your adobe id,


    if your account shows you're not getting what you're paying for, using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',


    if you want to change your subscription, Manage your Creative Cloud membership

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    using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',

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    1. you open an older version in cc 2018

    2. you save your file from cc 2018 with a new name (different from the file you opened)

    3. your original file is no longer an older version (so you have two cc 2018 formatted files; the original file and the one with a new name)


    if yes to 1,2 and 3 - report the bug or post on the after effects forum to see if you can get more info there; Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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    I updated LR to the newest version and installed LR Classic and LR CC. Both worked fine launching one time. On the second launch, neither app would start and asked me to send error logs to adobe which I did. Then I tried to reinstall both by going into the Adobe CC app which only gave me the spinning wheel. I tried to "repair" that and it just gave me the error "adobe creative cloud, needed to resolve the problem, is missing or damaged". I uninstalled everything, restarted, tried to reinstall, which goes OK but then gives me the same error when I try to login. I found the KB article about this, uninstalled everything and reinstalled again. Still no luck. Then created a local admin account and tried again, still same exact error.


    I'm on a dell XPS 15, Windows 10 Pro w/ all most recent updates. Intel quad core i5 6300 8gb ram.


    I ran the log collector tool but I'm not sure which file I should provide that is helpful.



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    adobe creative could download error code P22 Uploading case sensitive units is not supported.

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    As far as I know, that is a Mac related problem


    Case sensitive drive formatting

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    Confusing as it may be, Adobe has 2 Lighroom products now.  The Classic Lightroom and the newest Lightroom CC.


    Lightroom Classic/6 -

    Edit and organize your photos with the app that’s optimized for desktop.

    Lightroom Classic CC system requirements

    Lightroom tutorials | Learn how to use Lightroom Classic CC



    The newest Lightroom CC --

    Edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC system requirements

    Lightroom tutorials | Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom CC

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    CC PHOTOSHOP DOWNOLD error  P22 ??

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    "had" implies you somehow overcome this issue? You can give any more information how? I would appreciate it.

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    Already filed a bug report, better to post here so people aren't caught by surprise. Doubtful Adobe will fix it for some time.

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    Did you sign out of CC Desktop App and close it,  then restart it and sign-in again?

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    hey everyone i updated premier pro and now i can't open it and i have 4 video to edit and this is pissing me off

    i tried rolling back and now thats not working so i tried uninstalling creative cloud and it doesn't let me uninstall adobe FIX YOUR BUGS NOW !!

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    But there was notice with early release of LRCC and Photoshop 2018 the that first year of 1TB photography plan would be only 14.99 if I increase my current 20GB plan.

    Cannot figure out how to do this.


    Any more help?



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    it says refund if cancelled within 14 days, i subscribed on 18th this month, i want to cancel on 28th and resubscribe so all my payments get taken out that day, would that be ok with my account and programs to be temporarily disabled, will it mess with my plug ins or anything?

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    Please bring back the option to keep previous versions of apps to Creative Cloud.  I have kept those older versions this long for a reason.  I have a few legacy projects and plug-ins that didn't respond well to updating.  It is super handy to have access to previous versions on the rare occasion that I need to revisit an old project.  I even had the option selected to keep previous versions.  That option is now gone.    I went to reinstall a previous version as I have before and saw that I had to remove the new version to do this.  This is a huge bummer.


    While I am looking forward to all of the great things in CC2018, my first feelings when encountering it are anger and frustration that purposefully organized software was remotely removed AFTER I had set a preference to keep it.   A change like this should come with at least a warning.


    Again, Thanks for all of your great work and frequent updates, but please don't take away the option to keep previous versions.  They can be lifesavers.



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    I was frustrated with the 20GB offered with the photography plan and was very pleased when Adobe offered a 1TB plan. When I checked the website today I saw the following


    Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.10.04.png


    The upgrade button took me to my account page with no option to upgrade. The only way I could upgrade was to use the chat function. After waiting an hour (despite being told I would have to wait 6 minutes), I finally chatted to support. I was told I had to cancel my plan and then he would sign me up for the new one. I did this but then support couldn't add the plan and I waited another ten minutes to be transferred to sales where I had to start the whole conversation again. Sales then informed me that they couldn't add the plan and I had to make the purchase over the phone - seriously! This is 2017 not 1987. I've been on hold for half na hour. So two hours after deciding to upgrade, I now have no plan with Adobe and seriously thinking about going elsewhere. By comparison, changing storage with Google or Apple takes less than 30 seconds.

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    Why direct downloads of CC apps are being delayed? But how about thru CC app? Is it CC apps 2018 available now?


    How about the CC app itself? Is it possible to manually update it? You haven't really answered my question directly? Does CC app itself have direct download packages too? Where can I usually can find it? Can you link it?

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    I am upgrading and ready to buy another pc. I have been using a Dell Inspiron M731R and it is slow as molasses. Would love to speed up load and processing time.

    Would love suggestions on something which pc is best for running Adobe cc apps like Illustrator and photoshop? Would love to get one which lasts more than 2 years in evolution.

    Thanks for your input!


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    i'm up to date on mac os and still don't see the update options for 2018. CC doesn't even see my 2017 installations, all the apps show as cc with 2017 updates available.


    figured it out.

    Turns out "CC" actually installs "CC 2018"

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  • 10/22/17--00:41: Re: Adobe CC 2018 sucks !!
  • Hopefully, I was able to reinstall all the apps. The all seems to work exept for Photoshop ! It's actually unable to open raw at all and before opening any kind of picture, I have to disable the gpu in PS's settings because if not, I can't see the picture I've imported. Also notice that the home screen (with Open, last documents, libraries... etc) is never visible even if the app start or if I close all the documents I've opened.

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    I have a subscription to adobe cloud. the full program.


    for over a year now the program kept logging out every few minutes. to the point i stopped using it and login straight from photoshop.


    None of your reps did anything other than the usual steps, even by remote control. so the problem was never fixed and I have been paying for a service I cannot get.


    Now I tried using it again... And the problem is not only still happening, the program says it has crashed and needs to restart. so every few minutes it restarts and logs out.

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    And when I try to contact your from the support page, I end up being referred to the forum!
    With no contact possibility...

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    Ive very recently been working with a green screen and I understand the basics, However I want to create something more like this. These photos are form Cnets Googlicious show. The photos themselves are dynamic, in that they have subtle movements and when hes moving to a different subject, the bg zooms out, slides across and a different bg pops in. Thats what I want to learn how to do. I dont know how easy this is to do or what to exactly call it thats why i coulnt find anything specific even after searching quite a bit.


    any advice would be appreciated,


    Thank You.

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    Do you want another laptop, and do you want a 17" screen again?

    How much do you want to spend?

    What sort of work do you do?  Photo editing, and if yes, do you use a very high pixel count camera?


    Using Dell as a kind of filter, these are the 17" screen options!facets=42443~0~212422&p=1


    I like to use eBay to home in on a short list, as it has such good filters.

    PC Laptops & Netbooks | eBay


    I also prefer to look at gaming laptops as their spec is generally also suited to image editing.  Fast GPUs, a good amount of RAM.  I didn't think Illustrator was too heavy on system resources, and Photoshop functions are mostly lightly threaded, so a good clock speed, and fast memory is more important than a multi core CPU.


    These Puget Systems articles are for desktops, but look at the benchmarks. 700K-i5-8600K-i3-8350K-1057/


    Now look at these benchmarks.  The i9-7980X is a $2000 CPU, but for Photoshop at least, you get similar performance from the _much_ cheaper CPUs 940X-7960X-7980XE-1039/


    You can't compare these two chart like with like because they show a percentage performance of one of the CPUs.  , but you can compare the times in the two table directly one against the other.

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    I sign out and restarted my mac. Started Creative Cloud and Signed in.
    After That it shows for a couple of seconds everything as Installed etc. and then "4 More Updates" and then it changes every app that i installed to "try it or buy now"

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    Lightroom showed me the update information.

    I started the update, everything ok, but after that lightroom was showed as a test-version.


    Where is my licence of lightroom i bought?

    Absolutely not acceptable!!!

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    I have the same problem now.
    Two days ago I couldn't start any of my apps because there was an infinite loop of "Sign in required". I decided to reinstall creative cloud and all apps. It didn't help. Now I have a trial version of Lightroom and "Sign in required" Photoshop. I've been trying to fix this for 2 days now, no result. I'm wondering if I have to deactivate my subscription and try to renew it again.
    I paid 8.10.17 so it should be active.

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    Здравствуйте! Как отказаться от использования "Creative Cloud single-app membership for Adobe Muse (month-to-month)" для моего аккаунта?

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    moved to Creative cloud forum

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    Today I finally managed to download and install the Creative Cloud desk top app for my Mac. There was a two week delay but now it seems to be working. Don't know what I did or if there is a new version that worked better with my old OS. So I will remain in the in the cc! Puh!

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    What is your budget?

    If you can give us some parameters - it will help us answer your question :-)

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    Mine is Windows 10 Version 1703 (x64), I'm pretty sure I'm current on the OS. Still no updates though.

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    check your account to verify your subscription is what you expect and to verify your adobe id (used in the next step),


    if your account shows


    a. your subscription is active,

    1.  sign out and then back in to your cc desktop application using the same adobe id above to verify your subscription:

    2.  if that fails,


    if your account shows


    b. you have no subscription and you're paying for one

    1. using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',

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    is this a photoshop questiom?

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    that's already scheduled for a cc update.


    [moved from Downloading, Installing, Setting Up to Adobe Creative Cloud]

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    I purchased the "Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials Student and Teacher Edition (Mac/Win,EN) 1577-4002-5983-8923-3195-3893" on September 24th, 2017 and have been unable to actually download it from the "My Orders" page since. I've tried the troubleshooting suggestions but nothing seems to work. Is there a way this can be helped? What is the solution when the download links for your purchases will not show?

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    you can download the latest cc desktop app here

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    Welp, after a month of failing, the download worked with Firefox, but not Chrome. Nevermind!

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    sign out and then back in to your cc desktop application using the same adobe id used to pay for your subscription: and then click 'check for app updates'

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  • 10/22/17--07:39: Re: Adobe CC 2018 sucks !!
  • I had the same problems and a few more.  Updated my graphics card driver and made sure in the preference Performace selection that the proper graphics card was selected.  Then validated that my PC graphics card was being used by light room.  Made a big difference and works like previous use before SW upgrade.  GL

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