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    Thanks, I was starting to suspect that after some more googling. Just hopeful it could work lol

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    Oh, that's why the redirect. Thanks.

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    you're welcome.

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    I've been having issues in both Illy and InDesign for a long time now either crashing or endlessly hanging, and CC libraries not working.

    I finally traced this issue to working on a public network. The moment I plug in my personal hotspot, programs and libraries open.

    I'd love to know why I should not be able to use my Adobe CC products while on a public network.

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    don't have a cloud account want to delete my account completely

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    i downloaded the free trial for premiere pro but all it says is that it is "up to date" and will not let me start the free trial or open it up. the only options it gives me in the creative cloud is to view tutorials or uninstall premiere. if anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know. thank you.

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    I called Adobe support and was surprised at how quick I was with a support agent.


    I found out I can have my subscription without Adobe Creative Cloud. I will just have to check for updates and install them manually.


    The support agent did want to know why I didn't want to use the CC App and I told him I just don't need everything in the app.


    A few minutes of sharing my screen and he was finished.

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    Recently, I bought a new computer with good video card and all the stats to run my 3D applications, including products from Adobe. I'm using a student version of Adobe Creative Suite. So my issue began when I downloaded the program and started installing, it showed me an error about my monitor colours being defective. My whole monitor flickered black for few seconds and went back to normal. i couldn't detect any errors in windows system reports. My colours seem fine, and I didn't receive the error afterwards. Thought, today when updating creative cloud suite I had another screen black out and it's seriously worrying me!!! I don't have any issues using other programs, only with Adobe. I would appreciate if there are some solutions with this, or if I could detect the issue!



    Thank you!






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    I'm receiving a message that says my OS (Windows 7) is no longer supported when I go to upgrade my CC subscription - but until I upgraded, everything ran just fine!! This is wasting my time and driving me crazy. Anybody know how to deal with this?

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    Do not count on Windows to be fully up to date when it comes to device drivers

    Go to the vendor site to be sure you have an updated driver for your graphic adapter

    •nVidia Driver Downloads

    •ATI Driver Autodetect

    There are also intermittent reports that the newest driver is not always the best driver due to driver bugs or compatibility issues, so you MAY need to try an earlier driver version

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    That MAY be a false error that is hiding the actual problem... a 32bit computer

    You MUST have a 64bit computer and operating system... what is your computer?


    -Programs are not SUPPOSED to display or download if they will not install on your computer


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    It is a macbook.

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    Minimum System requirements for Cloud Programs... scroll down and check each program


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    Hi Suz,


    Please check your personal message space in the forum. I have left a message.




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    Dear Adobe


    Perhaps it works in the US, but it does not work for professionals who travel a lot, that the only way of having 2 factor authentication of an account is SMS / Text message.


    I travel a lot. I buy a new SIM card with a lot af data every time I am in an Airport. I use iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Skype for phone calls and messaging. I use e-mail. I use Lightroom CC for presenting photos for customers. I am one the move, but Adobe is still  using phone numbers for getting the best security of my thousands of photos.


    Please start thinking as a traveller and give your users more possibilites likes using Google or Duo Security. You don't have to make your own app for that. You already have too many.



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    There is no message showing?!?

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    I paid for the service. But what error?    Looks like a free trial.  But i have already paid

    Need more help by chatting privately with the team.



    Title changed by Moderator

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    Take a look here:

    Stop Adobe Creative Cloud from opening in trial mode after purchase


    You can also try the following steps:

    • Sign out from the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application (Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps)
    • Browse to the location: [System Drive]:\ProgramData\Adobe
    • Rename the 'SLStore' folder to 'SLStore_old'
    • Browse to the location: [System Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
    • Rename the 'SLCache' folder to 'SLCache_old'
    • Sign in to the Adobe CC desktop app

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    Hello I have followed the instructions online to change address and now want to change card billing country. It ells me to contact support but it wont let me contact support. Extremely frustrating. I want to change the card details from UK to HK and it will not let me. I have made sure the profile is HK so no idea what to do. I can not pay until it lets me change. PLease Help!

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  • 01/19/18--03:19: Re: Adobe India GST number
  • Whats their GST no? My invoice doesnt even mention the GSTID.

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  • 01/19/18--03:30: Re: Adobe India GST number
  • No it does, it says the Digital River Ireland GSTID is 9917IRL29003OSG, which is bogus.


    So Adobe is collecting GST against a fraudulent GST No???

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    I find it incredible that Adobe / Digital River can charge GST using a fraudulent GSTIN.


    (Google India seems to sorted it out, why cant Adobe. Hubris is my guess.)

    Will complain on the GST link.


    Appears unless one complains they're not going to take notice.

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    Hi Rebeccag14655412,


    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I am moving this query to Adobe Creative Cloud community as experts here will be able to assist you better and quick.

    Meanwhile, just in case if you have not referred to the below links, please give it a try:

    Change the country associated with your Adobe ID

    Change or update your credit card and billing information in your Adobe ID account

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    I have followed all the instructions. But can not access1111111111.png

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    Please check your account to verify your subscription is what you expect and to verify your adobe id


    If your account shows

    a. your subscription is active,

    1.  sign out and then back in to your cc desktop application using the same adobe id above to verify your subscription:  Learn how to activate and deactivate Creative Cloud apps

    2.  if that fails, Stop Adobe Creative Cloud from opening in trial mode after purchase

    3.  if that fails, using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat', Contact Customer Care


    b. you have no subscription and you're paying for one

    1. using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat', Contact Customer Care



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    i don't understand what was done different from my message 1, but if all's well that's what matters.

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    In Creative Cloud management I marked one user as to not renew but now after talking with the user they will be needing to use the Suite after the renewal date. I cannot find anyway to change it back to auto-renewal from "will expire on xx/xx/xxxx" ... I still have 3 weeks so it seems they would make it easy to change your mind.


    Do I need to call or just wait for it to expire and then have to order it again?

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  • 01/19/18--08:18: Re: Trying to sign in
  • "Opened uninstall Creative Cloud again, but this time selected repair and that did it!"


    thanks!! this saved me!

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    Moving to Creative Cloud forum

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  • 01/19/18--08:32: Re: Annuler mon abonnement
  • Je ne suis qu'un ancien client qui a eu les mêmes problèmes que vous.


    Mais je ne rapelle plus du détails des démarches (longues!) que j'ai du faire pour annuler mon abonnement.












    Message du 18/01/18 18:16

    De : "sandrinee86538281"

    A : "Nicolas Brach"

    Copie à :

    Objet :  Annuler mon abonnement








    Annuler mon abonnement

    created by sandrinee86538281 in Adobe Creative Cloud - View the full discussion


    je souhaiterais annuler mon abonnement






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    habe mir indd als cloud Version auf meinem Bürorechner installiert und möchte die Version auch auf meinem privaten MacBook Pro nutzen. Meine Kollege meinte, mit einer Lizenz geht das. Wenn ich zu Hause den download-vorgang starten will soll ich ein neues Konto anlagen, da bereits eine Version auf diesem Konto läuft.

    ich will nicht 2x bezahlen.

    hat jemand ne Ahnung wie das geht?

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    Cloud License allows 2 activations at a time

    - 200.pdf

    -Install on a 2nd computer


    -Windows or Mac does not matter... 2 on the same operating system, or 1 on each

    -Two activations on one account MAY NOT be in use at the same time (note in the above license link)

    -An individual account is for one person and may not be shared with anyone else

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    I presume you are talking about a TEAM account?

    Team license links that may help

    -team plans


    - for Team help

    -manage your team account


    If you can't find help in the above, you will need to contact chat

    Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

    Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

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    Creative cloud updated automatically today and Lightroom Classic CC appeared !

    Don't really understand but I got it ! ;-)

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  • 01/19/18--09:56: Re: Payment Methods
  • Hey I am from pakistan and can anyone tell me what is the payment method in for contributor?

    I am a selling vectors on and making money now how can I withdraw my money? Paypal? banking method? Payoneer Master card? Skrill or something else?

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    that makes sense.

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    Sie können das Program mit dem gleichen Konto auch auf Ihrem privaten MacBook Pro installieren. Sie können es nur nicht auf dem Büro PC und Ihrem MacBook Pro gleichzeitig nutzen!

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    У меня не получилось отменить подписку, помогите пожалуйста! Мой аккаунт

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    I want to change my job plan. I think this is a problem.3333.png


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    Hi Ste2608,


    Could you please help us understand more? What happens when you try to access Creative Cloud?

    You may also Contact Customer Care for help and support.


    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.




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    Hi Mdr4892289,


    As I understand you are not receiving the verification email, did you check the spam or junk folder?





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    Hi Babs,


    I see you have an Adobe account under the same email as with forums, however, there is no active subscription under this ID.

    Is there a different ID that you are using? How much amount are you being charged? Could you please send us the other ID is a private message so that we can check what can be done?




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    Hi Wesley,


    As you mentioned that your machine freezes when an app is opened. Which Adobe application are you referring to?

    Since when have you been facing this issue? Any significant changes made to your machine after which you are facing this?


    We will be needing a few more details to help you. You may also Contact Customer Care for help and support.


    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.




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    Hi Pongpad,


    I see you have an active Lightroom (1TB) subscription under the same ID as with forums. There is no other active subscription under this ID. Please make sure you are signed in with the correct Adobe ID. Also please follow the steps shared in the link: Stop Creative Cloud from reverting to trial mode

    Hope this helps! Feel free to update the thread for more questions.




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    I watched what he did but he went to fast to figure out any difference. It was working great yesterday evening and this morning.


    Now I just tried to launch it and it went back to the error message about reinstalling Application Manager.


    I've had enough. I'm way behind on my designs for Valentines Day so that's probably over for me to get any advertising up for some of my work.


    I did get an email from someone saying to give them my phone number so someone could contact me. Adobe already has my phone number.


    I'm going to my account and see just how hard it will be to cancel my subscription. I sure hope that's easier than getting the Creative Cloud App off my computer and Illustrator running smoothly.

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    the phone number email is a scam.  don't reply.


    adobe support doesn't use phone/skype.

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    Hi, i am using the same creative cloud account that i use at work, however photoshop and illustrator won't work on my mac at home. It is an old mac (2007) so it will only download 2014 illustrator and photoshop, but when i try to open the programmes it says that my trials have finished, but we are not using a trial at work, we have paid for full use of the programmes.

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