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    From the video, it looks like it's working to me. It may not be supported, but it's certainly an option for those interested, at least until Adobe realizes the user-base they are missing out on. It looks like the method only supports a few older apps at the moment based on the of the script developer.

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    Hello there,


    so perhaps sometime in October I went to open a Photoshop CS6 file and it wasn't working. I thought it was maybe just a one off chance so I restarted my laptop and the issue persisted. I decided to try to just open Photoshop CS6 and then open the file from once inside the program, however it wouldn't even allow me to click it to open it. I then noticed all my other CS6 programs such as Premiere Pro and Illustrator also were giving me the same issues. I'm not quite sure why it is happening because I'm fairly certain I fully bought them two years ago as opposed to paying a monthly subscription (I believe those were my options) and now I can't even open them at all. I decided to take some time away from it and not overreact and after some time had passed, I've now confronted it again and in my Creative Cloud menu, the CS6 programs aren't even listed as available anymore. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue in the past? Or if I maybe was mislead to believe I was buying the CS6 programs fully licensed when I really wasn't and they expired.


    Thanks in advance

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    You can do a fresh install of CS6 from here:


    Download Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications


    and get your serial number from here:


    Adobe ID


    Once you are running the version you reinstalled you can use the Help menu to check for any updates. Doing that will open the Creative Cloud desktop app if you have that installed.


    Can you say what system you are running? There are other tips, depending on what you are using.

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    if the above doesn't help you cancel your plan, using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',

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  • 11/22/17--12:26: Re: Making a timeline
  • much thanks!

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    I just want to make sure that, when I buy a 1 year membership activation code for Lightroom CC, there are no issues turning my trial into a full membership.

    Am I correct in assuming that as long as I'm logged in with the same Adobe ID all my pictures and everything remain the same?


    And this is the right place to redeem the code correct?



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    Who did you buy it from? Amazon? A school bookstore? A fly-by-night pirate? You didn't say, so no one can promise there will be no issues.


    But yes, theoretically, if you buy a valid license, you can type it in and activate the version you have installed.


    If you have saved your files on your hard drive, then they are still there. If you saved them in the Cloud and if your trial lapsed, you may have lost them.

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    Thats good to here because its on Amazon sold by Amazon Media EU so that should be legit.


    I do have my files saved in the cloud, or at least I have some files that I edited where I didn't back them up after editing yet. Do you think that is going to be necessary or is activating the full membership going to keep things the way they are now? It wouldn't be a tragedy just a little inconvenient but I'd definitely prefer not having to download and reupload everything.


    Thanks a lot for the response

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    my tools on the top is gone, I can't work, what I can do to restoreerro adobe.jpg

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    Yes, hopefully Amazon stands behind their products!


    This is a user forum, and I have heard that when there is a lapse, you lose things in the Cloud. I don't know if there is a small window or if it happens immediately. I have never had a lapse personally.


    You'll find out, and please report back.


    Also report back if you do have trouble activating your trial with the serial number. If it's a valid number, there is stall who can help you.

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    I have been advised that if a business registers the ABN they are exempt from the GST as the quote from the Parliamentary Library states


    • only supplies made to consumers will be caught: business-to-business transactions will be exempt


    Can you please advise where we can register.


    Also as a BAS Agent, I have probably 30 clients that use adobe, so


    • Can I bulk register the ABN's
    • Will the GST charged in the period 1/7/2017 - to current be refunded as we cant claim the GST on the invoices as an ITC



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    using a browser that allows popups and cookies,  contact adobe support during pst business hours by clicking here and, when available, click 'chat',

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    Hi there.
    When I downloaded Photoshop CC, I fully bought it(Annual Plan, Prepaid: $239), but the both Creative Cloud, and the program itself, says I'm just on the trial and still need to buy it. What's going on, and what do I need to do to fix this in time?!

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    Well I finally checked my e-mail account and I noticed that I got these.




    It told me that I ended-up never paying them for the "Photoshop CC",...


    but my bank account says otherwise.


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    If you have the Creative Cloud installed on your machine:


    1. Go to the app preferences.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 06.01.03.png


    2. Select the tab "Creative Cloud" and check the checkbox "Show Older Apps".
    Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 06.02.26.png



    3. Fireworks CS6 will be available at the App list.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 06.02.43.png

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    Hi has any one come across this issue. When I attempt to upload my book to Blurb it gets to about 60% then comes up with error loading page any ideas how to fix this. It makes a PDF fine and I have tried it with two books same issue.

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    We are creating a small AR application for a client for which we need a rigged human 3D character with a talking animation.

    We wish to use one of the characters available on the website Mixamo.

    Can the character be used free of cost? If not, what would be the price to buy one?

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    All default content is free to use for whatever purpose.



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    Without even knowing what program you are referring to much less any other details nobody can really tell you much.



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  • 11/23/17--02:47: Re: change plan
  • Moved to Adobe Creative Cloud




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    I live in Macau, I'd like to license the Adobe apps. And I choose region HK and pick a plan, then the system shows "Purchase Unavailable" warning... Can anyone help or solve the problem???

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    Hi Jason,


    I see you have an Adobe account under the same ID as with forums, however, there is no active subscription under this ID. 

    Kindly check with your bank if the amount has been deducted from your card.


    Also, you may Contact Customer Care for help and support. Feel free to update the thread for any other questions.





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  • 11/23/17--08:05: Re: change plan
  • Hi Manfai,


    As I understand that you want to change your plan from Lightroom to Photography plan, please see:

    Upgrade or change your Creative Cloud plan


    You may also Contact Customer Care for help and support.

    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.




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  • 11/23/17--08:13: Slow desktop application
  • What's with ACC desktop application the last week or so? takes 30 secs to 1 minute to actually load the application option icon and a further 1 minute to 2 minutes befoe you can actually access anything?

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  • 11/23/17--08:26: Re: Slow desktop application
  • i don't see that problem.


    if you see that after restarting your computer, suspend your av and any antimalware, click the cc app and then restart it to make sure those aren't causing the problem.


    if that fails, i don't know anything you can do other than a complete reinstall:


    uninstall everything cc including preferences,

    then uninstall the cc desktop app,

    clean your computer of cc files per

    restart your computer (don't skip this)

    reinstall the cc desktop app,

    if you're unable to install the cc desktop app at this stage, use an administrator account (solution 3 here,

    use the desktop app to install your cc programs/trials

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    Its through Adobe Lightroom. and after creating the book in the book program, After I have pressed send the book to Blurb it will get to about 60% loaded then stop and come up with error loading pages. Hope this

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    Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC ?


    And what/where is Blurb... is that an Adobe web page?

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  • 11/23/17--09:05: Re: Creative cloud wrong
  • Hi Recherco,


    Kindly help us understand more about the issues you are facing with the Creative Cloud app? Are you facing download issues?

    You may also Contact Customer Care for help and support.





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    Hi Keihtmatts,


    Please see the link below for help:

    Creative Cloud signs me out or asks me to sign in repeatedly



    Hope this helps! Feel free to update the thread for more questions.





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    Lightroom Classic the Book Mod, When you upload your book from Lightroom it is sent to Blurb for publishing.

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    Thank you, kanikas170631007,


    I have been to this article numerous times. The problem is not resolved despite carefully following all the suggestions provided. I have all the latest CC desktop app and other app updates. My internet settings are all as recommended. I have CC on the list of programs to open with startup.  Yet, every time I shut off my desktop computer, whether overnight, or just do a restart, CC requires a login the first time I try to open it following a shutdown. The individual apps, however, open without requiring a login, except that after the latest update, when I opened Photoshop CC for the first time I had to go through a login as if it was the first time activating a trial version.


    This is a minor irritation, but something of a puzzle since this does not happen with my laptop, even after updates. Both my computers are less than a year old and came with Windows 10 installed. All Windows updates are current. I would do an uninstall and reinstall of CC except that I suspect this is a registry issue (as was the case several months ago when the problem first appeared.) that is due to a bug in some recent CC update that would likely persist even with a reinstall.


    So, I'm compulsive/obsessive enough to want to find the reason for this and prevent it from recurring, but I am also satisfied that I can work with the apps without repeated logins, and the need to open CC desktop app is not that frequent.

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    This is what I've got:

    Знімок екрана 2017-11-23 о 21.00.11.png

    (maybe I live in other year zone?)


    Trying to update my payment details (it never loads, my payment details):

    Знімок екрана 2017-11-23 о 21.02.09.png


    Maybe it's because of this:


    Знімок екрана 2017-11-23 о 21.04.12.png

    So I can't change my payment details, since I can't change my redemption code.

    And sure I can't use Lightroom CC.

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    This is an open forum, not Adobe support... click below to contact Adobe staff to help

    While the forums are open 24/7 you may not contact Adobe support at all times

    Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

    Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

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    I'd like to update to CC 2018, but the updates aren't showing in my app.  I've found answers in this forum based on Windows installations, but nothing (in English) for Mac.

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    Do the new programs show as being compatible with your version of Mac?


    Minimum System requirements for Cloud Programs... scroll down and check each program


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    Hi Lisa,


    Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements including Mac OS 10.11 or higher? Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements..


    If it does, have you tried all the solutions in this help document: Available updates not listed for Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

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    Tengo una Mac Pro 6,1 nueva le instale High Sierra y el ultimo Creative cloud y esta super lenta, hay veces que no puedo pasar de un programa a otro es decir estpy creando una imagen en Photoshop y quiero pasarla al Illustrator y no pasa se queda con la imagen del programa anterior. luego no quieren esconderse las ventanas (hide) y ya no es solo creative cloud tambien sucede con Google Chrome que no quiere minimizar. pero depsues de usar programas de creative cloud

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    I signed up for the $19.99 monthly Adobe creative cloud plan knowing I only needed it for 3 months for my class. Now, with the class having ended, I go to cancel it and it says I have to pay a $90 fee just to quit! This is outrageous and a truly morally bankrupt to screw customers over like this. Can anyone help me out? I'm a student, I don't have the money for this. I called customer service and utilized online chat with an Adobe employee and neither assisted me.

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    This is an open forum, not Adobe support, so nobody here can help you


    When you buy an Education subscription, the terms you should have read before you "click to agree" say it is for one year


    I have not read of Adobe not having someone pay the fee when they cancel early

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  • 11/24/17--02:09: Activating license
  • Hey Guys,

    so my problem is that my license expired and i dont now how i can activate it again.

    I became an admin in my team so i can activate it myself but i dont really get how this works.

    Thanks for your help!!

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  • 11/24/17--04:08: Re: Activating license
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    I see you have an Adobe account under the same ID as with forums. Under this ID you have an active Creative Cloud subscription.

    All the payments that took place under this account are for Creative Cloud. The number shared above is the Adobe Phone support number.

    You may also use this link to contact support for help: Contact Customer Care


    Let us know if you don't wish to continue with the subscription. You may also use the link to cancel the subscription online:Cancel your Creative Cloud membership.


    Feel free to update the thread for more questions.




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    I have been in contact with my bank and Adobe chat support regarding an odd monthly payment marked "Adobe Creative CL" that dates back some time and does not appear to correspond with any payments to Adobe or my CC bill. TSB said this number was associated with it.


    An old thread mentions this number as claimed to be mentioned by an Adobe support number and it is also mentioned as being the Indian head office number for Adobe on this site. TSB has blocked outgoing payments but cannot refund my old payments.

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  • 11/22/17--09:07: Re: Problem with my Email...
  • Note about fixing a wrong email for Cloud login

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    See this help article.

    How do I share my Spark creation? – Adobe Spark Knowledge Base

    As I understand it, you need to save desired content to your desktop first then upload it to Instagram.

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    I have the same problem. The apps tab is missing.
    I’ve followed the instructions from Apps tab missing from Creative Cloud Desktop as well as this thread and still nothing.
    I’ve renamed the OOBE folder, killed all the Adobe processes, reinstalled Creative Cloud and there’s still no Configs folder, no ServiceConfig.xml file and no apps tab.


    What can I do?

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    Wow. I can't believe this post. This has been going on for years. My annual renewal was last month. My credit card payment was (according to Adobe) declined. Checking with Mastercard I found that they had flagged the transaction with Adobe as suspect, which is why it was declined. I want to note that during this fiasco I was able to use the card elsewhere with no issues. So after speaking with Mastercard and Adobe support, then updating my payment information on my Adobe ID profile a second time, it was again declined. Mastercard advised me that after several 'suspicious' transaction attempts by Adobe the credit card was flagged and had been revoked. A new credit card had to be sent.
    Thankfully Adobe support credited my account to keep it from being disabled, now a new credit card has been added to my profile and I'm eagerly awaiting if it will end up being flagged as well.


    After reading many of these posts this appears to be an ongoing issue (for years now) with Adobe's billing department that seriously needs to be looked at.